People always want me to tell the story of the disaster date I had a few years ago. Originally I met this crazy girl, whom I'll call Alice, through a reverse blind date. Before I met Alice, I had met a different girl online and after we had chatted for a while, we intended to meet up at a certain bar in town. At the last minute, she had a panic attack and stood me up. Alice was in the bar waiting for a blind date her friend had set up for her. When her date stood her up, we ended up sitting together at the bar and chatting. One thing led to another, and we agreed to exchange phone numbers.

A few days later we set up a date at a seafood restaurant, to be followed by a visit to the local observatory to observe a rare lunar eclipse. I got to Alice's house right on time but Alice wasn't ready. She sent her roommate down to tell me it would be 'just a few minutes' until she was ready, so I decided to wait in the car. That was my first mistake. Alice didn't come out of the house until an hour later, and when she got in the car she apologized for having 'overslept'.

Everything went crazy from there. The service was slow at the restaurant, and just as we finally got served our entrees, the restaurant was raided by health inspectors. Then when we got to the observatory, heavy cloud cover came in and blocked the view. Later, we drove to her house in the rain. She invited me in but just as things were heating up, her extremely elderly grandmother came into the room, screaming and yelling because she had run out of her pills.